Why it’s Important to Choose Trusted, High-Quality Cannabis Products

quality cannabis products

It’s no secret that the legal cannabis market in Massachusetts is saturated with tons of options! Oftentimes, it can be difficult or impossible to choose the right product for you. At Rolling Releaf, we understand the importance of choosing trusted cannabis products for a high quality cannabis experience. 

Continue reading to check out our tips on identifying top-quality cannabis flower. We will also touch on requirements for products in the legal Massachusetts market. 


Massachusetts Cannabis: What to Know & Consider 

At the first glance of a cannabis product’s label, there are a lot of details describing what’s inside the packaging. Not only that, there’s specific information that is required to be visibly stated. 

Here’s a breakdown of all the information you should expect from each legally packaged cannabis product available for purchase at dispensaries in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 

  • The name of the strain/cultivar 
  • THC & other main cannabinoid content
  • The farm/facility where the product was grown 
  • Classification of indica/sativa/hybrid 
  • Name of cannabis testing lab 
  • Date of cannabis lab test 
  • Date of product packaging 
  • Additional state-specific legal compliance information (for ages 21+ up, etc.) 


The license number of the cannabis facility or farm is also required to be visible on the product packaging, and is perhaps the biggest indicator of a product’s legitimacy. 

With this information present on your cannabis packaging, you now have a full general summary on where the flower or manufactured product was originally  grown/formulated, as well as strain information. 


The Importance of the Certificate of Analysis (COA) 

The state’s Cannabis Control Commission has constructed the “Protocol for the Sampling and Analysis of Finished Marijuana Products”, defining a required standard and process for the manufacturing of cannabis products. 

This includes requiring all cannabis to be tested for safety and accuracy by a third-party cannabis testing lab.

The certificate of analysis, also known as the COA, is an official document reflecting the test results of the cannabis products presented. These test results verify that an analytical examination of the cannabis flower or product has been made and the product is safe and clean to consume. 

Third-party cannabis testing analyzes the cannabinoid and terpene content, as well as testing for any mold, mildew, residual solvents, or pesticides that may be contained within the plant. 

Cannabis brands and farms are required to present a COA on the packaging label of their products. This is typically a QR code or link that, when scanned on your mobile phone, sends you to an online file of the cannabis testing results. 

The COA on a cannabis packaging label is the best way to gain full instant access to the precise information and insight regarding the product. 

Considering the amount of information you can identify from the outside of a cannabis product’s packaging, imagine what you can determine from the product itself! 


Identifying Quality Cannabis Flower

Whether you’re looking for your new favorite product — or trying out a brand’s new flower strain — there are a few factors that will help you easily determine the quality of the cannabis you’re purchasing. 


One of the many details that cannabis flower is widely known for is its pungent smell. 

Each cultivar will have its own unique aroma profile; which provides more clues as to the overall quality of the flower. 



Considering cannabis is already visually appealing, top-quality cannabis buds will have a vibrant and dark variety of hues and colors, depending on the strain and its lineage



As another indicator of top-shelf flower, the texture of cannabis should be a slight combination of spongy and sticky. 

Gently squeeze the bud between your fingers to test the texture – if it’s crumbly, dry, or way too wet, it’s not good weed and shouldn’t be smoked. 


Choosing High-Quality, Trusted Cannabis Products with Rolling Releaf  

No matter the cannabis flower or product, it’s important to choose from trusted, high-quality cannabis brands and farmers. 

One of our trusted cultivation partners, Eos Farms, uses organic farming methods in its sustainable garden to grow consistently flavorful and high-quality cannabis flower. 

At Rolling Releaf, our home weed delivery service is proud to offer top-shelf cannabis flower and products to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

As the purveyors of cannavenience, our social equity-focused cannabis delivery supports farms and facilities in the community while offering discreet service. 


Ready to explore our wide variety of top-shelf cannabis products? Sign up with Rolling Releaf for our cannabis delivery service, today! 

Excited to learn more? Be sure to add our blog page to your ‘favorites’ for the latest in Massachusetts cannabis information & education. 

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