Cannabis Resources for the Greater Boston Area: Why Choose Home Weed Delivery?

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There are tons of different cannabis companies swirling around the Massachusetts legal cannabis market. As a conscious consumer, it’s important to understand the resources around your community that are available to help you choose the products right for you.

At Rolling Releaf, we are committed to providing accessibility to equitable cannabis brands within the Greater Boston area. As the best weed delivery service, we aim to give insight on social equity and inclusion in each of our personally selected brands and products. 

In one of our earlier blogs, we talked about our brand and what ‘cannavenience’ means to us. 

Follow along with this blog to learn more about Greater Boston’s social equity cannabis program – and why choosing our home weed delivery can positively influence your cannabis community.


Community & Inclusion in a Thriving Legal Cannabis Industry 

At Rolling Releaf, we believe in supporting cannabis brands that contribute towards making a positive impact on the Boston community. 

Social equity has become an important value of the cannabis industry. While states legalize cannabis and begin establishing their individual regulatory frameworks, each are taking action to provide inclusion and equality to all those entering this new industry. 

In 2016, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts legalized the recreational use and purchase of cannabis. Since then, cannabis dispensaries in the state have grown significantly, with cannabis sales skyrocketing throughout.

Since legalization, an ordinance establishing the Equitable Regulation of the Cannabis Industry in the City of Boston was released, stating: 


The law requires the development of procedures and policies to promote and

encourage full participation in the regulated marijuana industry by people from communities that have previously been disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition and enforcement and to positively impact those communities.”  


This social equity program structured by the city of Boston includes supporting, recognizing, and licensing anyone who has been convicted or arrested for the possession, manufacturing, selling, or cultivation of marijuana from 1971 – 2016. This also includes those who are a child of someone convicted or arrested during this time. 

By establishing social equity throughout Massachusetts, communities are able to show equal representation and support in a new and thriving industry. 

Additionally, the ease of home weed delivery services has provided a simple solution for those looking for access the best cannabis goods reflecting social equity, all from the comfort of their own space. 


Rolling Releaf: Why Home Weed Delivery Matters! 

Rolling Releaf’s home weed delivery services have become a simple solution for the community to enjoy the natural wellness they’re looking for – from some of their favorite small-batch cannabis brands. 

When it comes to your favorite products and goods, home weed delivery matters in assuring you’re accessing cannabis that’s flavorful, reliable, and supports a vital cause! 

Purchasing from (and engaging with) equitable cannabis brands within your community is a great way to get involved with social equity in Massachusetts. With Rolling Releaf’s cannabis dispensary, you can enjoy the cannaconvenience of home delivery while supporting local brands and farmers. 

Why choose Rolling Releaf for your Boston weed delivery: 

  • Convenient & Discreet: Making all cannabis orders from the comfort of your own home! 
  • Supporting Local: Confidently know you’re buying from trusted, equitable, and premiere cannabis cultivators in the Greater Boston area.
  • Less Fluff, More Affordability: We cut all of the fluff out of your cannabis shopping experience to give you a variety of the finest cannabis products to choose from in a direct brand-to-consumer experience. 


Rolling Releaf is proud to offer the finest quality cannabis products from equitable farmers and companies through our weed delivery in the Greater Boston area!

Be sure to connect with us on all of our social media channels below – and also bookmark this blog page for all the latest info. 

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