What Are ‘Terpenes’ and Why Are They Important in Cannabis?

When you enter the exciting world of cannabis, it seems like there are a lot of terms to learn. But, don’t worry! At Rolling Releaf, we want to help you know your stuff so you can best enjoy our stuff. In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the endocannabinoid system and the various consumption methods of […]

Massachusetts Cannabis Culture

cannabis quote circles

Here at Rolling Releaf cannabis home delivery, we strive to provide Massachusetts with the best possible cannabis-based self-care and wellness options available on the market. With convenience, safety, and ease-of-use, our operations and our services are designed with you in mind. We’re also all about our local cannabis culture here in the Bay State. Celebrating […]

Highlighting the Various Marijuana Consumption Methods

consumption methods cannabis

Each year that the legal cannabis market advances come new, innovative cannabis products to try. Consider this your how-to guide when it comes to exploring the various marijuana consumption methods, plus how to determine the right one for you. Inhalation Firstly, inhalation is typically the most common method of consuming cannabis. Whether it’s through an […]

Massachusetts Social Equity Program Details

massachusetts cannabis

The U.S. cannabis industry is projected to hit $100 billion in worth by the year 2030! Unfortunately, many people remain affected by the War on Drugs. Legal cannabis states have the unique opportunity to shape a regulatory framework that is inclusive and equitable to these groups of people. Continue reading for a breakdown regarding two […]

Mass Pot Delivery Basics

rolling releaf mass pot delivery

There are plenty of fundamentals regarding Mass pot delivery that consumers should consider before placing an online order. In this blog, we’re reviewing some crucial basics and how to seamlessly order cannabis directly to your door!   Cannabis Delivery in Massachusetts: What You Should Know Last year, Massachusetts became one of six states to allow […]

Why it’s Important to Choose Trusted, High-Quality Cannabis Products

quality cannabis products

It’s no secret that the legal cannabis market in Massachusetts is saturated with tons of options! Oftentimes, it can be difficult or impossible to choose the right product for you. At Rolling Releaf, we understand the importance of choosing trusted cannabis products for a high quality cannabis experience.  Continue reading to check out our tips […]

An Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System

endocannabinoid system

Believe it or not, the first endocannabinoid was only fairly recently discovered. For years, scientists have connected clues and questions that have swirled around how exactly cannabis and its compounds affect our bodies.  In 1992, Czech chemist Lumír Hanuš discovered the first endocannabinoid in the human brain – anandamide, which is the Sanskrit term for […]

Cannabis Resources for the Greater Boston Area: Why Choose Home Weed Delivery?

rolling a cannabis joint

There are tons of different cannabis companies swirling around the Massachusetts legal cannabis market. As a conscious consumer, it’s important to understand the resources around your community that are available to help you choose the products right for you. At Rolling Releaf, we are committed to providing accessibility to equitable cannabis brands within the Greater […]

More About Rolling Releaf Home Cannabis Delivery: What ‘Cannavenience’ Means to Us

about cannabis delivery services

Here at Rolling Releaf Home Cannabis Delivery, our expert team is on a mission to really be a game changer within the legal cannabis industry in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  When it comes to marijuana delivery, we can already say we have become widely known as the one-of-a-kind Purveyors of Cannavenience. We are bringing about […]

Rolling Releaf: Introducing Our Brand

rolling releaf logo

As we glide closer to our launch in 2022, our team here at Rolling Releaf is proud to finally be able to offer our adult-use marijuana delivery services to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Proudly a social equity-certified, black-owned company, we’re thrilled to be on the forefront of cannabis delivery within the state – partnering with […]

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